Hot Tub Enclosure Makes Party Patio Complete

hot tub complete 1Gary Brewer recently purchased a hot tub even though he didn’t have a permanent home or enclosure for it yet. Gary admits it was a closeout deal that he just couldn’t pass up so he tucked the tub away until he had time to plan exactly where to put it. When it was time to start working on his backyard oasis, he knew exactly who to call, Jeff Downey.

“Jeff is a pretty crafty,” Gary said when talking about the initial design for the hot tub enclosure. “I told him what I wanted, then he sketched it out and made it happen.” This was the third project that Downey Buildings had worked on, previously building a garage and another structure for the Brewer family. Even though Gary knew Downey could handle the hot tub enclosure, he was still beyond satisfied with the finished project saying, “Jeff is real thorough and does a good job. I love it.”

Gary’s unique hot tub enclosure¬†was built just off the deck near the pool area. The enclosure is a wood frame structure made of 6 inch cedar dolly varden lap siding with cedar fascia and soffits. The progress pictures below show how the entire structure was then sealed and stained in a warm rich varnish.

Custom hot tub enclosure building built by Downey Buildings

Custom hot tub enclosure building built by Downey Buildings

As a Wichita business owner, (Bear Automotive and Doggy Day Care), Gary knows the importance of doing a job right the first time and what it takes to create satisfied customers. Jeff Downey does too. “He really does have your best interests at heart,” Gary said. “He strives to make people happy.” As a self-described, “entertainer,” Gary is pretty excited that the hot tub enclosure is complete. “It’s almost summer. Now I gotta have some people over.”


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